Leadership and Higher Thinking Skills Through the Arts
Maher Bahloul
President and Founder (www.newhorizoncenter.com)
In this workshop, participants get involved in a number of creative activities including conceptualizing, sketching, writing, storytelling, and filming. While the product results in a number of well-crafted short productions, participants will improve their higher thinking capabilities, their creative skills, and their critical thinking skills. In addition, they develop a unique appreciation of arts in learning. ICIE partners with New Horizon Center (NHC) and guarantees the outstanding outcomes of this training. This workshop equips young and older participants with innovative leadership tools based on arts and artistic expression. Research has clearly shown that business and institutional leaders and managers who adopt arts-based tools and methodologies as part of their management style increase effectiveness, efficiency, and success. Thus, workshop participants will be provided with managerial tasks to solve and introduced to arts-based solving and management tools. Unlike traditional problem solving tools and strategies, managers and leaders will focus on much more appealing arts-based methodologies.